Fear The Tides – Home

If you’re into metal with a dash of screamo and punk thrown in for good measure, this is for you. If not, it’s still worth a punt and a listen regardless, and might even broaden your musical tastes even further into an industry that you might not be familiar with. Bringing you up to speed, Fear the Tides are a trio from Cape Town, South Africa, and are known for creating innovative, hardcore metal. Returning with their first single of the year, ‘Home‘ was recorded between a mini home studio and a local studio in Cape Town.

Musically, the track is tight and entirely able to steal your attention. Vocally, not so much. Metalcore is a great genre if you get it right, and ‘Home’ isn’t as prominent as hoped. Nevertheless, the track’s message is emotive and armed with a traumatic story that will leave you sympathising with the outfit. Inspired by the death of a close family member to suicide, the trauma and feelings that were felt in the aftermath are conveyed throughout the track. Raising awareness during these uneasy times for the globe is a necessity and huge props to FTT for doing so.

About finding your path through the turbulences of life and struggles, ‘Home‘ tells listeners to, mainly, never give up. Always stay true to yourself, regardless of what others may think, feel at home in yourself and believe. One thing is to be said about the good factors of FearThe Tides latest release is that it’s highly energetic and armed with personality. Unique in the aspect of finding its niche in the world’s hectic music industry, there’s no doubting that this trio are heavily talented.

We wish them all the best in finding their crowd and know for a fact, they’re going to be real live contenders when they’re able to play their debut show.