Feature : The Flavians – The winners of our recent podcast competition join us for a chat. It gets juicy.

Hi folks, first of all, congratulations on winning our little podcast competition, how are you all today?

A wonderful mixture of hangovers and assessments stress, but we’ll manage.

Tell me a story about how you all met and how the story began?

It started with me (Joakim) and Liam meeting at a hostel in Berlin, and then we kind of realized we were gonna go to the same UNI.
Then we meet Tom and Anna a couple days later in an outside auditorium in Berlin, where drunk ass tourists come to sing karaoke.

I was well impressed with how well your music has been produced, what process do you go through as a band?

Its a slippery slope progress with a lot of screaming and yelling.
Jokes aside, it usually starts with someone coming in with an idea of a song, and then we make noise until it is one, to make a long story short.

Tell me one thing about each band member that isn’t public?

Joakim has no sense of smell
Liam has a history of competing in motocross
Tom used to sell massage products.
Anna doesn’t really speak in english, instead we communicate with sign language

Tell us all about the best time you have spent on stage?

It’s either gotta be every damn time you see people sing along or dance to our music or the last time we played in Prague. After we had played our last song the audience wanted an encore, yet we kept on packing down our stuff. In a desperate attempt, all these lovely Czech people start chanting “ One more song”. They started out saying this in Czech and then after consulting the poster, they started saying this in German. The punchline?

None of us speak German!

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Tell me a time that you had a nightmare onstage?

Luckily we haven’t had any major disasters happen yet, but whenever things are starting to act up in the middle of a gig it has a tendency to throw you off

How driven do you feel you need to be to progress in the music industry?

We’ve all moved from 3 different countries leaving our families, friends and employment prospects behind to pursue a career in an industry that is in a state of constant flux. Furthermore, we face the daily struggles of living in a society in which it is very difficult to integrate in. Being driven and staying motivated is the only thing that keeps us sane!

What advice would you give someone starting out that is thinking of starting a band?

hThe Flavians

Stop thinking and just do it, like now, NOW!.

To each member, what’s the best part about being in a band?

Joakim: It’s like having an extra little dysfunctional family, that happens to make music.

Liam: You can blame your absurd behaviour on the fact that you’re an artist.

Anna: All the free beers (Though a lack of proper Pilsner Urquell).

Tom: Being in a band gives you an excuse to say yes to everything. If someone says ‘hey, come with me to a gay fetish party’ I think in my head ‘cool, I can get a lyric out of this’

What’s coming up in 2019 for The Flavians?

It is gonna be a year of touring, an Album and a bit of world domination. For sure there will also be some kind of crises thrown in for good measure on top of our crippling personal debt and collective alcoholism.