Feeder - Liverpool Academy 2024


Despite being a firm fixture of the indie rock landscape for at least a couple of decades I’d never managed to see Feeder live so jumped at the opportunity to go and see the legendary outfit at Liverpools O2 Academy.

The band were in town on their ‘Black/Red’ tour in support of the forthcoming album of the same name and the packed out venue was testament to the bands loyal, cross generational fanbase.

Chilli Jesson did a splendid job of warming the crowd up. The ex Palma Violet and his new band delivered a blistering and often frenetic set to the delight of Feeders loyal fans, many of whom had clearly been out enjoying the delights of Liverpool on St Patricks Day.

Before too long though the venue was in darkness except for a few small pulsating red lights on the stage. The air of anticipation reaching fever point as, to deafening cheers Feeder took to the stage and delivered a set that perfectly blended new material with fan favourites and those iconic tracks everyone knows. All bands have fan favourites right? And many, many bands have big tunes but Feeder are one of those bands that have ‘those songs’… you know, the ones that EVERYONE knows. 

It’s not just the songs though… Feeder are a serious rock band and command the stage with such effortless grace. There’s gravity defying po-going and full on rock posturing. Grant and Taka are masters of the full on rock god posture and manage to make it look so effortless, almost fresh and anything but cliche.

The audience participation during new track ‘Hey You’ is sublime and quickly evolves into chants of Feeder… Feeder… Feeder, and not for the first or last time during the evening.

Grant’s dialogue with the crowd is as eloquent and effortless as the bands performance. He tells stories of the bands first US tour in The Village People’s old tour bus. He talks of the importance of keeping music physical and how the artwork/sleeve/whole immersive experience is so important. There’s dedications also as new single ‘Lost In The Wilderness’ is dedicated to eight year old Josie, who’s at her first gig tonight… the roar from the crowd is as deafening as the roar that greeted the crowd at the start of the night.

And as the evening draws towards its close, Grant asks if Liverpool is ready for some proper old school Feeder as the track ‘Tangerine’ is dedicated ‘to Samantha who’s come over form Canada for this gig’.

Grant says his thank-yous and good-byes to Liverpool as the unmistakable opening of ‘Buck Rogers’ kicks in. The place is in uproar, it’s probably the moment most of the crowd have waited for.

As soon as the band leave the stage the Feeder chants are getting louder and louder before they turn into ‘dooo dooos’ and as Grant walks back on stage he teases the crowd with ‘not just yet’ whilst filming them with his phone. The band rip through ‘Soldiers of Love’ before ending the night and very nearly ending the venue with ‘Just A Day’

It’s been quite an experience, the Liverpool crowd clearly love Feeder and Feeder clearly love the Liverpool crowd. I certainly left wishing I’d seen them sooner.

Feeder Release new album Black/Red on April 5th, details and pre-order HERE

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