Feral Family – The North

Sheffield based youngsters Feral Family have been gaining recognition from the public and the BBC.  Signed to the same label as False Hands, this is one band that are going to fly straight to the top in no time. At Reyt Good Magazine, we can’t wait to get see the boys on the up.

They hold a simple but effective approach to songwriting, but it’s the way they arrange tracks that makes them a whole other level of exciting. Returning with the hard hitting “The North”, there’s something about this track that will make you agree with it straight away…

Combining a strong layer of punk within the sound, there’s a diverse arrangement in this rock anthem. Hearing a band that are completely in their comfort zone and not caring at all what genre they actually are is stunning. They’ve done their homework in drawing influences from different eras to make their versatile sound. Known for having energetic performances live, it’s great to hear that the band have secured that in their studio work as well.

If there’s any day that you need a bit of punk in your life, today’s the day to put this track on your playlist. Dosed with a heavy bass line, heated guitars, raw vocals and dynamically built drums, “The North” will make you feel proud of this young band for keeping punk very much awake. Available now to stream and buy, this is one track that will sit right at the front of their discography for years to come.