Fergus McNally – This Kingdoms Not United

Glasgow singer/song writer Fergus McNally has this week launched his biggest release to date with a 6 song EP ‘First Born’ which is available to listen to now all major streaming platforms.

The EP is lead by the single ‘This Kingdoms Not United’ which he has written, recorded, and produced himself and I have to say off the bat, he’s absolutely nailed it! McNally’s self-proclaimed “Jazzy Bedroom Pop’ song is super uplifting and just the medicine to relieve our winter lockdown lull!

The artist has a great voice and this song really shows off his vocal range. I love the way he plays around with tempo; he talks about his feet feeling like lead and feeling disconnected from his body but the way the song is slowed down makes the listener feel the same, it becomes a dream, almost like a dopamine hit which he then speeds up and brings in slight reggae and rap influences which make you want to sing along – it has you yearning for summer.

If I’m honest, I wasn’t too sure what I was going to make of this one when I first heard the intro but from that first twist in tempo it really grabbed me and it continues to feel fresh and interesting throughout the song but with a subtlety that holds it together really nicely.

This is a very well written track and I really enjoy the story telling of it – it is definitely an earworm but most definitely not a song I’ll mind being stuck in my head!