FIGS – Just Let Me Be – Single Review

With members hailing from both London and Venezuela, it should come as little surprise that four-piece FIGS’ music refuses to be bound by the ­conventions of the genre, in much the same way as the band themselves refuse to be bound by geography.

The band’s debut single, “Just Let Me Be” is three and a half minutes of eclectic and eccentric pop-rock with influences as far-reaching as ‘60s pop, psychedelia, and classic rock.

The result is a sugary, frothy, poppy offering that’s often as progressive as it is unpredictable; veering from Elton John-esque glam rock campness one minute, before falling into a woozy lite-psych section the next.­

As a result of the song’s sheer eclecticism, it is difficult to imagine the indie kid masses getting behind the track, but then it’s just as difficult to imagine that FIGS would care. Even from their debut single alone, it’s clear that FIGS is a band that changes only for themselves.

And indeed, that’s just exactly what they have done. “Just Let Me Be” is the band’s first release under the FIGS moniker, and its artwork is intensely symbolic.  The wasp symbolises a need for growth, and for the old to give way to the new something that in turn represents each band member’s journey to becoming FIGS.

With just one track available as it stands, it’s hard to get a feel for exactly what FIGS are doing, especially when you know that “Just Let Me Be” is something of a tongue-in-cheek release. To what level remains to be seen, though it won’t be long before we find out.

The first single to be taken from the band’s as-yet unnamed debut album, it seems we’re likely to see a lot more from the transatlantic four-piece in the coming months. For now, all we know is their upbeat eccentricities are likely to take them far.