Film Review : Avengers : Endgame

This is going to be such a hard movie for me to review, not because it was bad in any way but because I need to refrain myself from talking about anything that might be considered a spoiler. So much happens in Avengers: Endgame, a lot I really want to talk about but I’ll have to leave that for a spoiler review. Straight from the beginning, I learned that the less you know about this movie the better experience you will have, the trailers barely showed anything, to begin with, and I really respected that from a marketing standpoint. It made me excited for what’s to come and there was so many twists and turns which I didn’t expect and it really kept my interest until the very end. Anthony and Joe Russo proved themselves as the best choice directors to finish off the Infinity War Saga, spanning 22 movies, this will go down in history as one of the greatest sagas ever put to screen. Everyone involved in bringing this to life over the past years should feel proud.

Where Infinity War dealt with the action, Endgame deals with the emotional downfall, leading to some really well-written character development.

There’s still plenty of action, a lot of it sadly I can’t speak about in this review but I will say it certainly has some off if not the best action set piece we’ve seen from any of these movies. There’s so much fan service that it’s hard to stop and take a breath, that’s definitely not a bad thing because for a movie that claims to be the end for most of our beloved characters that’s all I ever wanted to see. The only gripe I have with any of the action is that there’s one girl power scene that’s a little too on the nose for my liking, you’ll know the scene when you see it. 

Endgame feels like a movie that was made for the fans, a thank you for sticking by us all these years. Infinity War had the hard task to juggle so many characters and give each of them their time to shine, It’s no spoiler to say that Endgame dwindles our cast down quite a bit. We now narrow down the focus to the original six Avengers, along with the few surviving members of the last movie.

This definitely works for a story standpoint as well as an emotional one. We began with these six characters and our story will end with them. Endgame has a lot to juggle and with a 3-hour runtime, it does well to never stumble, with pacing that felt just as good as Infinity War. I’ve seen a few critics comparing certain moments to Return Of The King and yes I will have to agree with them, the final half did give me a ROTK feel for better and for the worse. 

One of the minor issues I have with the movie is that it felt way too humorous, I can see this being a personal issue but for the first large part of the movie I constantly found myself laughing and then slowly evolving into a few sighs wondering if the comedy will ever pull back and allow for some more serious moments. When those serious moments hit they hit hard, packing a huge emotional punch. I just wished the movie didn’t take itself as so lighthearted at times, it worked slightly better in Infinity War in my opinion. 

Overall, there is so much more I could take about when it comes to this movie but it’s so hard to not fan out and give certain parts away so if you are fan and haven’t seen this movie yet then make it your top priority. Avengers Endgame is easily Marvels biggest film to date, it somehow manages to tie together every movie that came before it in a fitting and emotional send off.

The action is phenomenal, everyone gets the send-offs they deserve and much like everyone I cannot wait to see where Marvel will take us next. Here’s to the next 22 movies.

Avengers: Endgame (9/10)

Director: Anthony and Joe Russo

Runtime: 181 Minutes