Film Review : Captain Marvel

I’ve got to apologise to all of my readers for the lack of content recently, for almost a month now I haven’t released a single review due to the amount of college work I’ve been catching up with. I’m unsure when I’ll be able to get back to my regular releases but I’m hoping soon. I was uncertain as to whether I was going to be able to get this review out in time but after seeing the movie I have some strong opinions and just had to get them out there. I am a big fan of Marvel and there is only a hand full of their movies that I really don’t like, Thor: The Dark World and Black Panther come to mind. Sadly, I have to add Captain Marvel to that list as this was everything I thought it was going to be. From the very first trailer this movie never looked good, the action looked too shaky, the tone was all over the place and Brie Larson looked dreadful. All of these became crystal clear from the very beginning of the movie and I had an uncomfortable experience until the very end.

For starters, let me touch upon Brie Larson who I can see really tried for this movie but it’s just a shame that her acting was so dull. She never brought any charisma or anything interesting to the role, after watching the movie I just think of Captain Marvel as one of the weakest characters Marvel has ever put to screen and if she is going to be a big part in Avengers: Endgame then my excitement for that movie has drastically gone down. We’re meant to believe that she’s this deep character who’s been through so much, be excited for when her backstory is finally revealed, maybe if I saw one ounce of emotion in her face then maybe I might care about anything that’s happened to her. I blame this more so on the directing than Larson herself which is also one of the weakest parts of the movie.


The tone of the movie is all over the place, at times it’s trying to be this deep superhero movie where we’re meant to care about these characters that’s been through so much. We spend the entire runtime in a pretty serious movie but then when we finally see Captain Marvel master her powers it’s accompanied by some of the most out of place music I’ve ever heard. It feels like something straight out of Guardians Of The Galaxy but where that movie was trying to be a complete comedy, Captain Marvel is not and the whole movie is tonally inconsistent.

Most of the CGI action that takes place in space is really nice to look at, even if it’s over pretty fast. It’s everything else I have a problem with, every other action scene is done with shaky cam and it’s extremely annoying to watch. Action scenes are meant to be intense and thrilling, whilst watching this movie I was looking forward to when the scene would be over because I could barely see what was happening with how much movement was happening with the camera. The lighting is also a big problem here, there are a lot of scenes that are extremely dark, I don’t know if this was a directing decision but I could barely see anything during some scenes. Maybe this was for the better as I couldn’t stand to look at Larson’s bland face for much longer. The comedy rarely lands, which isn’t a good thing considering there is a lot in this movie. So many jokes drag on until the end of the movie when it’s so obvious what the punchline is going to be, directors need to know that this isn’t smart writing it’s just boring. I really like Ben Mendelsohn and here is no exception, he is one of the few more interesting characters and even delivers a few funny lines. It’s just a shame that I found his make up design really boring and generic. Samuel L. Jackson looked really good, props to the effects team for being about to make him look 20 years younger.

Overall, Captain Marvel does bolster a lot of impressing visuals, a few good acting roles and it captures the feel of the 90’s really well. However, the good things stop there. Brie Larson is dreadful in the main role, she boring and brings absolutely no emotion to the role and because of this is extremely unlikeable and hard to relate to. The comedy pretty much always falls flat with the exception of two funny lines. The tone is inconsistent as hell and in the end, this makes for an average Marvel movie at best.

Captain Marvel (5/10)

Director: Anna Boden/Ryan Fleck

Runtime: 124 Minutes