Filthy Tricks – Leah

After rebranding in 2018, Filthy Tricks have since released four singles, the latest of which being ‘Leah’…

Booming jungle drums ignite the indie-rock track in a momentous build-up, presenting a volcanic level of stamina from the off. Though certainly energetic, the build-up is neatly refined and doesn’t feel like the band have just picked up their instruments with the intention of making as much noise as possible- each instrumental layer can be clearly heard, fitting comfortably in its place.

The instrumentation in the verse is kept melodically limited, allowing the vocals to command the tracks direction and narrate the feel of the music. The chorus clearly spotlights itself in the track’s structure; it’s big, it’s catchy and it’s memorable. The arrangement shows you don’t have to ‘turn everything up’ for the chorus to become more noticeable.  With the vocals only reciting the simplistic lines, “Leah, why don’t we chase tomorrow”, it’s easy to sing along to and snappy enough to keep whirring around your head. The chorus also presents subtle harmonies that lift the main vocals higher amongst flashy beats and consistent gritty guitar chords.

The overall structure is fairly basic but the music itself doesn’t make the listen feel strenuous, as there are consistent decorations of effects and riffs to keep the track’s energy well and truly alive. Now Filthy Tricks have shown us they have the indie-rock genre nailed to a T, it will be interesting to see if they release something a little riskier in the coming months, pushing their boundaries and showcasing their talents in a different light.

Leah’ as a whole however, is a staple track in the world of indie-rock. With singable melodies, aesthetic guitars and strong, groovy beats, the track is sure to gain the band a lot of traction.

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