Fiskur – Cold Hands, Burn Slow

Scottish indie band Fiskur unleash their debut album ‘Cold Hands, Burn Slow‘ into the wilderness. Born out of inward and outward expression, the debut album showcases a trio valuing their time the best way. Touring Europe, Fiskur are a collaborative project comprising of Glasgow singer-songwriter Ross Clark, Frightened Rabbit multi-instrumentalist Andy Monaghan and drummer Chris McGarry.

You Know Me So Well‘ is a track without any boundaries. Doing its own thing, the track weaves through avenues of indie, alt-rock, electronica and even experimental. A staggering entrance to an album that you won’t be playing just the once. “Too Slow, Too Far” has a completely different vibe to the rest. A polished version of something you’d hear in the eighties, the imagination in this one runs far.

I Become Silver” enters with a sinister yet captivating vocal modulation before turning into a spell-binding indie rock track. A poetic number that’s fuelled with post-punk sensibilities, the originality in this album is electric. “Raven” sees Fiskur strip-back to an acoustic ballad, the slow-burner is a subtle transition into hearing a different side to the trio.

Silhouette‘ is a stand out track on the release. Radio-worthy and using the outfit’s signature sound, there’s something about this track that feels tight. Fuelled with memorable melodies and inventive indie-rock, this track is what makes Fiskur unique.

Tracks such as ‘Servant‘ and ‘Emerger‘ identify as statements and are energised with clear substances of passion. ‘Blank Revival‘ is soulful, and consistent. ‘Klinkhammer‘ uses lo-fi production and industrial-inspired beats to give it a grit-edge. Ending the album in true Fiskur style, ‘Death Pact‘ is atmospheric and refuses to stick to one genre.

If you’re into mainstream pop, maybe this album’s not for you. If you’re into experimental indie with twists into avenues of the unknown, this album is for definitely for you.