Five Bands / Artists who haven’t let Covid slow them down!

It’s been a strange year for us new music fans, hasn’t it?

On the one hand, the obvious absence of gigs meant that the most time-honoured avenue for talent-spotting has been roadblocked for a full year now. On the other, lockdown three (by our count) has given us more time to spin new tunes and watch what our favourite rising stars have been up to.

Yes, it’s been difficult for musicians to work in the traditional sense; however, you don’t have to look for very long to see creative minds finding new ways to reach their audience. Here are just a few artists who’ve made the latest shutdown their own and kept the momentum well and truly buzzing:

The Lottery Winners

Bedroom live streams were all fun and games in the first wave, but we’ve seen it all now – right? The Lottery Winners are on a mission to reinvent lockdown productivity with their recent set of videos and banging new tunes.

The genre-defying Manchester standouts have dropped singles ‘Lockdown Lover’ and ‘Start Again’ (featuring Frank Turner – more on him later). However, the band were really thinking outside the box with their hilarious spoof videos including a style parody of The Cure and a take-off of the infamous Handforth Parish Council Meeting. No gigs don’t have to mean no fun.

Harriet Rose

A real rising star in the world of country, Yorkshire’s Harriet Rose had a big 2020. A great run of singles, an ‘artist of the year’s award and a spot on our RGM 100 are just some of her achievements, and she hasn’t let the continued uncertainty of this year stop the momentum.

New single ‘Love Me Like That‘ has been racking up radio plays, she’s won even more awards(!) and there are some sold-out gigs in Sheffield on the horizon, too. When our venues reopen, things can only get bigger and better for this songwriter.

Frank Turner

One of the hardest-working men in music, chart-bothering folk rocker Frank Turner has filled the gap usually taken up by endless touring with a series of charity livestreams. In the heady days of lockdown number one, these were weekly; since things stopped again (and again), he’s saved the streams for special occasions. The last full band outing was for his birthday back in December, and next will be a special duet stream with Emily Barker. In the meantime, he is teaching fans to play his songs via the magic of TikTok.

Cody Frost

Tattoo artist, Instagram style icon and one time frontrunner on The Voice, Cody Frost knows how to pick her moments. A debut release has been very long-awaited, and she has chosen to pull the trigger with single ‘Verbal Warnings’ while we’re all still stuck indoors.

It’s a good move, and it helps that the track absolutely slays – a win/win in anyone’s book.

English Teacher

Yet another entrant from our top 100, Leeds-based English Teacher have kicked off the year in style by signing to Nice Swan Records, where they will feature as part of the label’s ‘Introduces’ series on 12″. In a truly difficult twelve months for new bands to get by, we have to celebrate seeing talent like this thriving. What comes next? We can only guess, but we named this band among our “ones to watch” for a reason.

Know any other bands and artists who’ve absolutely bossed it during the last few months? Let us know in the social media comments.

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