Five Days North – Colours (In My Mind)

Anyone familiar with Manchester’s Five Days North will know they a breath of fresh air within the city’s indie scene. Their idiosyncratic brand of upbeat synth-pop injecting some much needed colour into its grey, post-industrial landscape.

It’s for that reason that the band’s latest single is something of a surprise.

Not so much a departure from previous offerings, but more the product of a maturing process, ‘Colours (In My Mind)’ builds on the band’s ‘80s pop offerings more substantially than before, while curbing their trademark bouyancy in favour of something darker, more brooding, yet ultimately just as irresistible.

With a seemingly stronger emphasis on the electronics than before, one might be forgiven for assuming that the stadium sized anthemia of previous singles such ‘Heaven Hold Us’ or ‘Take Me Higher’ might be a thing of the past, yet not only is it retained, but it’s been built upon. The result is a track that’s both hugely euphoric, but that harbours a cerebral quality also, much like that of fellow Mancunians The 1975.

Though ‘Colours (In My Mind)’ might not catapult Five Days North to the same stratospheric heights as The 1975 however, it is arguably the band’s strongest single to date, and a welcome return for the five-piece.

Whether this quieter, more considered approach to their songcraft is a permanent move one can only speculate, but given that this feels like Five Days North taking the first confident steps towards the next level, it would be remiss if it wasn’t something they built on further.