Five Days North – Heaven Hold Us

Straight from the opening moments, there’s this positive energy oozing from Heaven Hold Us. 

With a lot of deep bass twangs, 80’s inspired drums, synthesiser, and very new wave guitar strums. The whole affair is this beautiful expression that mixes that 80’s new wave pop with modern indie to make for this colourful explosion of sound. 

The synth really pulls everything together to be this really cohesive belter of a song that makes you perk up and feel good. It’s with this surprisingly pleasant mixture of high pitched synth, mixing with this deep bass that you feel more than hear that make Heaven Hold Us a really powerful experience to listen to.

As for vocals, there’s also this power in them, belted out in a great performance by Five Days North’s frontman. The chorus is catchy as hell, and worms its way into your brain where it’s undoubtedly going to settle in for a few days after listening. 

With this strong mix of 80’s synth pop, new wave and modern indie rock, Five Days North make a fantastic fusion of genres that just screams style and then backs it up with substance to match. The musicianship is excellent and attention grabbing, making this song something that would bring life to any party.