Flat Moon – Demise

Leeds five-piece Flat Moon showcase their classic alt-funk stylings with latest release ‘Demise’. The five minute track is quite the auditory journey – switching up moody bluesy textures with in-your-face psychedelia.

Describing the song as “an excellent display of..genre fluidity”, Flat Moon employ an impressive array of instrumental and vocal styles to create a certain ‘dream sequence’ quality to the piece.

Opening with an almost sleepy bluesy beat, we’re transported to a booth in some backstreet night club on a rainy evening. Sleazy or sophisticated? I’m not too sure – but the lyrics talk of searching for clarity and calm.

“As the rain comes down / I creep around the streets to find some peace of mind”

With ever-creeping guitars and crooning vocals, this lulling soulful scene fades into an echoey haze.
In an instant – we’re hit with a loud and lairy psychedelic groove. If we were dreaming in black and white before – this shit just went full technicolor. With bass licks that would make Bootsy Collins proud and punchy backing vocals from Lily Kaye – this pick up of the pace provides a shock to the system that you may not expect.. but welcome all the same. The energy is punctuated with screams, shouts and intricate guitar riffs.

“I think you know better than to mess with your own demise

As quickly as it came, this wild mid-section shifts back to the dreamy Sinatra-esque lounge sound of the intro – leaving us questioning whether we just hallucinated the whole damn thing.

By blending genres that could be viewed as a dated, Flat Moon actually give us a fresh take on some classic sounds with this one. If you’re new to the band, this tune may take you by surprise. But if you’re tired of the same old – be sure to give this ‘stormy psych-soul’ number a whirl.


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