Flechettes – Chasing Youth

After pushing back their release twice, Flechettes finally release their single Chasing Youth. 

Taking on the classic idea of losing your younger days, with time never stopping before your childhood, adolescence, and twenties are gone in favour of living life. 

Rather than taking it as a depressive and pensive time to look back at things, Flechettes instead choose to suck it up, pack it in with being worried. Instead, they take the path of forging ahead with a no-nonsense attitude. 

The line, “We’ve not got long, so get a move on” is the core idea behind the track and comes as the big hitter as far as lyrics go. Using plenty of emphasis on the line throughout the song. 

Where the vocals themselves are concerned, there’s a very strong Northern flair, in keeping with the attitude of, ‘get up and get on with it’. They’re solid throughout and really hammer home the message and tone of the track. 

As far as the musicianship goes, it’s a fast paced rocker that would slide nicely into any kind of rock playlist and fit snuggly. There’s plenty of attitude held within the 4-minute runtime, in particular the twanging guitars running at a solid pace. 

Overall, Chasing Youth is strong effort that fits very well alongside its contemporaries. Whether it has the staying power to become a classic still remains to be seen however.