Fleur Rouge – Gameboy

If I told you to listen to a song called ‘Gameboy’ what would you expect? I was expecting electronic noise that sounds like you’ve just made Mario jump. Weirdly, Fleur Rouge’s new single actually does begin sounding exactly like that.

It then proceeds to become a bit more than that, weaving vocals on top of the game-inspired musical backing like there’s no tomorrow.

Despite the style and name, don’t go in expecting a song actually about games. What lies underneath the bubblegum-pop front is a deeper, more emotional meaning. Fleur explained it herself as a song that ‘touches on the typical games played in any unrequited love situation’. What can be seen as the core message is that you should look after yourself, putting yourself first when you really need to.

Although it may just seem like a packaged pop tune at first glance, you do begin to see there’s more to it. It’s certainly an important thing that people should remember, whatever musical form it comes in. It’s just fortunate for the half French, half English singer-songwriter that she has a catchy pop tune to go with it.

What stands out for me is that the track has a first-rate storytelling quality. Listening along, the experiences that the lyrics address really are believable. It leaves me with no doubt that this song comes from a real place, and that’s definitely something that will help Fleur to reach a wider audience.

Moving forward the future looks bright for her too. She’s already had notice from BBC Introducing Manchester for her debut single ‘Growing Pains’, and she’s also managed to find her way into the odd Spotify playlist.

If catchy electronic-pop is the music she wants to make then she’s certainly got a better chance than most at using her talent to work her way right up the music ladder. If you want to be part of it then check out ‘Gameboy