FLING – Best Friend

Returning to the spotlight, FLING’s up and coming single ‘Best Friend’ is nothing short of a heart-felt piece of dream-pop.

After the release of their debut album (FLING OR DIE) last year and recent singles, ‘Windmill’ and ‘Let’s Stay In’, FLING return with a light and hazy track lead by a set of perfectly reminiscent lyrics. ‘Best Friend’ is a nostalgic ode to childhood friends as well as the pre-lockdown reality we all took for granted. Written by all five FLING members, the sentimental piece was also produced in association with Lee Smith (Easy Life, The Cribs, Submotion Orchestra, Pulled Apart by Horses).

Breezy reverberated guitar chords welcome you into the warm track, accompanied by just the lead vocals in the intro. Choral, hazy backing vocals creep into the mix laying a soft vocal pad for the music to glide over. With the edition of steady drumbeats and harmonica-lead solos, the light track sees the notorious FLING flair weave in and out of its layers. Decorated with synthesised melodies, the chilled, hazy track never fall victim to a dull second.

Diverging from the track’s calm atmosphere, a distorted yet, controlled guitar solo breaks from the music, conjuring a more serious but sincere aura surrounding the track. Though differing from the track’s ambience, the contrasting section never feels out of place with the calm, dreamy soundscape.

Though it’s not a hectic as their previous releases, what makes ‘Best Friend’ so special is indeed the sheer integrity of the lyrics- the passion within the song is projected to the listener completely flawlessly. FLING have effortlessly captured a safe feeling of nostalgia shared by the nation, which is sure to find its fitting place within our playlists this October.