Floodhounds – Always In Sight

Sheffield’s Floodhounds have made us wait for a new EP, but those three years have been very well spent if ‘Always In Sight’ is anything to go by. They’re back with more power and swagger than ever before, and it sounds bloody good.

This lot don’t half make some noise when they get going. Every infectious riff precedes an ever better solo, supported plenty of hard-as-nails bass and drums. It’s not all blood and thunder though; they can more than hold their own when it comes to melody, as final track ‘Going Home’ testifies.

Such is the superb quality of the sound you can be forgiven for missing the vocals, but the lead singing throughout is consistently good. Floodhounds’ trump card, used sparingly but effectively here, is the female backing vocals. They add another layer of rich sonic depth whenever they pop up.

Sure, the lyrics aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but in all honesty it’s hard to care about that when all you can think about doing is headbanging and stomping around like you’re on bath salts.

‘Always In Sight’ shows off the extent of Floodhounds’ progression from their previous work, and it gives you every reason to think they’ll keep pushing forward with more well-produced and innovative music. What they do is refreshing, and yet still has that good old-fashioned rock and roll vibe.