Flow State – Avon Giants

Debut singles need to stand out from any sort of crowd, it doesn’t matter what genre they reside in. Flow State’s debut is armed with a versatile vocal, gliding through realms of folk-style tones and a strong British accent – what else could you want from an indie track?

A song based on Ancient Bristol folklore, the track is an important release for Flow State simply because Bristol is where they met and studied for 3 years.

For the first 20 seconds, you think the track is going to deliver a strong indie-folk arrangement with it’s soft nature, we can tell you now… you won’t be thinking that after 20 seconds. Changing the tempo and going down a pop-infused avenue that nudges even reggae and afrobeat, it’s safe to say that this debut doesn’t want to be limited to one demographic.

Avon Giants may have a lively arrangement, but it’s lyrics are emotive and showcase a different side to the outfit’s warm attire. The story in Avon Giants follows the tragedy of 2 brothers who end up competing for the heart of Princess Avona by draining the Chew Valley Lake out into the River Severn, creating Avon Gorge.

Written as a homage to their Bristol roots and the life around them, the track has a nostalgic feel to it’s refreshing sound and comes across as diverse. Certainly not something you’d hear in the charts, but definitely for people that love unsigned, under-the-radar artists with an interesting persona, ‘Avon Giants‘ is unlike anything else you heard nowadays.