FLOWVERS : She Don’t Talk About It

Taking a very loud and powerful approach to a very particular rhythm, Flowvers use said rhythm to build a funky and fun song around. 

Said rhythm is a loud, smooth yet heavy hitting bass riff that is used right the way through the track. With it being the first thing you hear, it immediately sets the tone for the everything else to get behind. Whilst it does overshadow some elements, such as the muted drums and far quieter guitar notes, it’s obviously the main focus of the song and makes sure its stays as such. 

The rest of the track does feel like it’s falling by the wayside very heavily, with the bass taking up such a big presence within the song, the only part that comes close to stealing the show is the lyrics.

The lyrics though feel a little forgettable, bar the chorus that chants the song title continually, as they’re very formulaic in approach and don’t feel in any way impactful or clever. 

The further you get away from the track, the more apparent it becomes that it’s solely a one-trick-pony, with its earwig of a bass rhythm that ingrains into your head and has you humming continuously long after the track is over.

The rest on the other hand is just nothing to write home about, with the by the numbers lyrics, a brief guitar solo that comes off like a whisper rather than a bang. Finally there’s the clutter of background effects that meld in with the drums and come off sounding like a jumble of noises. 

Overall, Flowvers give a good effort, but put far too much emphasis on it’s one saving grace.