Fly The Nest – Old Street Lover

For a song that’s ruthless in its look at an ending relationship, Old Street Lover brings an intense energy and huge scope that’s hard to match. 

Despite going by the moniker Fly The Nest, it’s a single man behind the project. But by tackling music as a one man band, Fly The Nest manages to create a single minded and cohesive vision for his music. 

There’s this never ending energy to Old Street Lover, starting out immediately with a beautiful guitar intro that immediately evokes emotions within the listener. The ongoing transitions that carry the song from verse to chorus really give all aspects of the track this time to breathe, and really show their strengths. The bass brings this booming twang that carries the track to a surprising degree, making up this strong backbone. 

It’s the amount of style and finesse on display that really brings the song to life in an unbelievable manner. The beautiful chords that play throughout just hit a nerve deep within that resonates with experiences that life will throw at everyone. 

The lyrics are this beautiful send off to a lover, encouraging the singers lover to keep going. It’s a positive and adult way to get past a relationship, bringing a maturity and care for the other persons feelings. A lot of love songs take a look inwards at how the singer is feeling about missing, hating, or still loving their muse. Fly The Nest, on the other hand sings lines such as “I hope you find some inspiration, in everything that we’ve created. I’m missing you to the moon and back, you know you’ve got it.”

It’s such a powerful song purely because it carries this simultaneous sadness and hope for the future. Old Street Lover has to be one of the most beautiful love songs in recent memory, one that’s full of flair and oomf that’s backed up by a fantastic lyrical performance.