Folk Devils – Forever EP

After a long hiatus, London punk and blues rockers Folk Devils return with two mesmerising new tracks as part of their ‘Forever EP’.  

33 years since their last release and involving a mixture of past members, Folk Devils divulge into classic post-punk with blues driven rhythms and punk attitudes. Each instrument is finely tuned and the group create a wall of noise that demonstrates experienced craftmanship. 

‘My Slum Soul’ sees the guitars ring out in the introduction with the gritty bass tones and steady drum patterns that create an eerie build-up. The track descends into low guitar notes and soaring vocals with a psycho-punk sound. The vocal work sends shivers down my spine throughout this track as if they were a spectre flying all around the instrumentation.  

The bass riffs are thick and add an extra level of darkness to the mix and the low vocals in the bridge make the track eerier than I thought it could get. My Slum Soul has all the makings of an eccentric blues piece with plenty of instrumental and sonic contributions.  

Folk Devils’ other track ‘Forever’ is more vibrant with wavy leads and fat raunchy rhythms. The verse has a genuine post-punk sound with vocals that are more direct and a walking rhythmic structure to the instrumentation.  

The rhythm guitar sounds huge as the bridge descends into a haunting experience. In terms of instrumentation, it’s a more consistent piece as the guitars and drums do not let up. 

It’s very exciting work by the returning Folk Devils which reminds me of the Membranes album I previously reviewed. Seeing a band take their classic sound and divulge it into a modern aura is an exciting experience, especially when they pull off two sonically entrancing pieces.