Fonzy and Company – Beyond My Control

Bristol-based alternative-rock outfit Fonzy and Company are back with the vibrant new single, ‘Beyond My Control. Bathed in subtle pop-punk sensibilities, this fun-loving number is coated with a nostalgic sound that will have you reminiscing younger times in your life.

Breaking down the boundaries of being labelled to one specific musical avenue, this track is best described as an alternative rock anthem that Green Day fans would love. Dual fronted by Fonzy Armour and Olivia Jury on vocals, ‘Beyond My Control’ is quick off the mark and tells a remarkable story.

Telling the tale of self sabotaging, this track feels relatable to thousands simply because it has an essence of feeling out of touch with reality. I’m sure we’re all feeling like it at the moment with restrictions easing in the UK, the question is – how do we human again?

Making sure to never forget your roots, the track tells the story of letting go of trust from the way you were raised and learning to adapt to things more. If the past year has taught us anything it’s to constantly be wary of change and adaption. Never get comfortable and always look for adventure, Fonzy and Company explain this perfectly within their new single.