Frog & Parrot, Sheffield – The quirky pub that’s keeping it classic.

The Frog and Parrot has been a long-standing pub in the Devonshire and Division Street area of Sheffield, with its doors being open to customers for over 300 years. The pub prides itself on their live music, their “everybody’s welcome” attitude and, of course, serving the people of Sheffield a good drink.

Walking into the pub, I was expecting it to be quieter than it was. It was an arctic January evening, yet the Frog delivered a warming touch from the start. Dimly-lit lamps were dotted around the walls of the pub providing a romantic but welcoming feel, the room was scattered with framed music records, local memorabilia and inspirational quotes and, more importantly, most tables were occupied – providing the classic pub soundtrack to a night.

I could instantly tell that the pub prided itself on its appearance as the fridges were stocked up with a wide variety of drinks, the bar area was clean and tidy, and the spirit shelf was well-organised – showing off their wide variety of spirits including 100 gins as well as a good selection of rum, vodka and whiskey. I ordered a pint of Stella and was seated by my waitress, who provided a friendly service all night. My table was in an-almost giant birdcage (minus the door and a swing) which sat next to a classic red telephone box – all providing quite a quirky feel to this otherwise traditional pub.

I was then greeted by the manager, Nick Simmonite, who asked me if I was ready to eat. I was originally planning to order the Old Epping sausages and mash but after asking Nick for his recommendation, I opted for the big fish and chips. He told me that a few years back, when China’s President Xi Jinping met with David Cameron and had a chippy, it led to an influx of Chinese people coming in to sample it for themselves.

“It was like a pilgrimage. Everyone was coming down to try our fish and chips and they were all snapping pictures. It was great to see.” 

Nick went on to say the pub loves to welcome people from different walks of life and that they take a very all-inclusive approach.

“We get a large variety of people coming in, so it really does become a melting pot of culture. I’m not too sure what it is but were doing something right. From ale-trailers to international students to bands on tour – everyone seems to stop in ere for a drink or two”

Not long after I ordered, my food arrived at my table. The name big fish and chips was nothing but an understatement. I would call it fookin massive fish and chips. I honestly remember it to be about as big as the keyboard I’m typing on right now. The fish was fried in a light beer-batter that provided a crispy crunch to the otherwise tender cod fillet. It came on a bed of piping-hot chips as well as with servings of curry sauce, tartare sauce, and mushy peas. It was finished with four triangled-slices of bread, two large pickled onions, and a fat wedge of lemon. I was stuffed after eating it all, and it was that enjoyable that I think I accidentally ate some of the grease-proof paper on the bottom of my plate. I couldn’t find a single fault with my meal so I must give great compliments to the chef as they are doing a fine job.

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I have to recommend the Frog & Parrot to anyone who is passing through Sheffield. It provides a cosy and welcoming atmosphere; the staff are friendly and attentive; and the music is good and at the right volume for the pub. There is also a charming little smoking area in the back which is ideal no matter what time of year. There is a great range of drinks on offer all at reasonable prices and the food menu is extensive with options such as fish and chips, pies, burgers & steaks, sandwiches as well as more traditional pub classics. I enjoyed it that much here that I even invited some friends to join me afterward and drank into the night.

The Frog and Parrot can be found at 94 Division St, Sheffield S1 4GF. Open from 10am til late daily. For more information visit frogandparrot-sheffield.co.uk or call 0114 272 1280.