Food and Drink : Two Sheds, Crookes, Sheffield – A real micro-pub that’s worth a visit.

Two Sheds in Crookes has been around for three months now, but I’ve never managed to find the time to venture in. I’m unsure as to why, but it has managed to catch my eye every single time I walk by the place. I don’t know whether it’s the clean-cut yet intriguing exterior, or the quirky and mismatched interior…maybe it’s just the “Dogs Welcome” sign that has been drawn onto the glass door with marker pen. But there’s something about this place which draws you in from the start.

For a start, it’s the first of its type in Crookes – not just a micro-pub but also an off-license – meaning they are able to sell their wide range of canned and bottled ales to consumers, like you and me, to take home and enjoy on the comfort of your own sofa. Not a bad do, ey? So not only are they a bottle shop specialising in locally brewed ale but they also host quite a nice room to sit down and enjoy a beverage.

The pub offers several keg and cask lines which are outlined on a chalkboard opposite the bar – there were 6 ales and beers to choose from as well as two craft ciders. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not an ale buff; nor will I pretend to be for the sake of an article, however this place does seem to be the sort of place which oozes in the aficionados that have taken over the pub scene in recent years. A lone refrigerator stands just outside of the bar area and is stocked with a wide variety of colourful cans containing IPAs, craft beers and real ales. It really is a refreshing place to have drink.

Due to me not being an ale aficionado, I opted for a pint of their cider – which weighed in at a whopping 7% ABV – that only set me back £3.80. It was a decent tipple as well. I thought the strength may overpower the taste of the drink, but to my surprise, it just tasted like a cloudy apple juice…with a wee kick to it.

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I sat in some converted car seats (equipped with seat belts) which really did add an element of coolness to the visit – I felt like I was sat on the set of Top Gear. However, there is room for improvement…

My visit was at around 9pm on a Wednesday, so granted not the wildest of evenings, but it just seemed to lack an atmosphere. No music was playing and there were six people in the bar including ourselves and the barman. It just felt a bit awkward at times.

If it was busier (which it is on the weekends) then the sounds of the pub would work perfectly – glasses clinking, people chatting away, etcetera. But on a quiet Wednesday night, I can’t help but think that a bit of background music would have added to the ambience.

All in all, I can’t fault this place for not playing music. As a real ale pub, it doesn’t surprise me that they have stayed more traditional and decided to scrap the music.

If you’re into your craft beers and whatnot, then definitely check this place out – I’m certain there will be something for you here. Even if you’re not, its worth checking this place out as it’s a lovely bar to relax and have a quiet one in – plus, supporting local business is never a bad thing, is it?

Two Sheds can be found at 235 Crookes, Sheffield S10 1TF. Phone – 0114 266 4133. Open – 3pm til 11pm (12pm-11pm on Saturday, 12pm – 10:30pm on Sunday)