For The Ages – The Inventor

Inspired by the early noughties early artists such as La Roux and Filthy Dukes, For The Ages could definitely be in the same vein as their heroes.

Sharing a common love for all things music and a diverse range of genres, Tim and Alex make up the fascinating duo and create a vivid soundscape in their new single ‘The Inventor‘. This may be the two-piece’s third single to date, but it feels like they’ve been doing this for years.

Thinking of music as throwing paint at a blank canvas and seeing what masterpiece that create, For The Ages stand out simply because they don’t require one genre to weigh them down.

Their latest single ‘The Inventor’ will make your ears connect if you’re a fan of electronica, indie-pop, synth-pop and alternative rock – or in a nutshell, most mainstream sounding genres.

Whilst the track feels a lot more playful and fun-loving, the lyrical concept certainly has a more serious side to its persona. Written from the perspective of an inventor who lives a chaotic existence while trying to bring his creative ideas to life, this single feels like it could easily be the soundtrack to a blockbuster storyline.

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