For The Love Of Horror Review, Bowlers Exhibition centre​, Manchester

While comic cons aren’t a new concept, events celebrating a particular theme or genre of the TV, film and fan kingdom is something that Monopoly Events are bringing to the public and smashing it at every turn. This weekend saw For The Love Of Horror, the latest event by Andy Kleek and the team, sell out Bowlers Exhibition centre and fans could not get enough.  

It’s hard to know where to start reviewing the event as there was literally so much to take in. Before even entering the arena the cosplay instantly stopped you in your tracks with zombies eyeing you at every turn. I’d bought a cupcake with a rotten icing finger on, got myself a cocktail and taken at least 10 selfies from all manner of creatures before I even entered the main arena.  

What makes Monopoly events different to other conventions is the amount attractions included in the ticket price. The guest panels on the stage, including the kids from IT and the ultimate Lost Boys cast reunion was fully glorious, the packed arena lapped up seeing all the actors chatting on stage together. Plus a set from G Tom Mac performing the films anthem “Cry Little Sister”.

The photoshoots and autographs from the huge line up of guests had fans queuing outside Bowlers before doors opened at 9 am. The big pull was The Lost Boys biggest ever reunion featuring Keifer Sutherland, Jason Patric, Billy Wirth, Alex Winters who took time out from a busy filming schedule with Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure 3, Jamison Newlander, Tim Cappello, Chance Corbit and singer song writer G Tom Mac. Other famous franchises that had fans clutching their memorabilia ready to be signed included a special Saw photoshoot inside a set build with Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith and Costas Mandylor.

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From horror tattoo and prosthetic make up demonstrations. The opportunity to handle snakes, spider and creepie crawlies. Prop build photo opportunities from Saw and Childsplay and a scare maze by Events2scare.com featuring scenes from 1000 Corpses, Saw, a Lost Boys room and a crawl space which had me on my knees and fully bricking it. Plus the chance for a few cocktails with the resident aliens in the Starwars Cantina you could easily spend the day wandering between attractions even if the autograph gathering isn’t your thing.

The room of traders was like if the Christmas markets was aimed purely at horror fans. I came away with framed preserved moths, fanzines, fan art, a Santa Clara tee-shirts and my very own Little Shop of Horrors mini Audrey 2 in a pilchard can. Apart from regretting not purchasing a Starwars skirt I was a very happy shopper!

Next on the line up for Monopoly Events is the For The Love of Sci Fi which is every Starwars and Sci fi fans dream. Featuring Karl Urban from Star Trek and The Boys, Sam Jones the original flash Gordon and The Punisher himself  Jon Bernthal along side epic prop builds including a full sized T-70 X-Wing Fighter and Tie-Fighter from Star Wars, the screen-used Lawmaster from Dredd and brand new for 2019 – the amazing ED-209 from the original Robocop movie! So this geek will be grabbing my Storm Trooper outfit and I’ll see you in the Cantina for a few blue milks….