Forgotten Garden – Jessica

Accompanied with a spine-tingling production that could never get lost in the wilderness, it’s safe to say that Forgotten Garden’s brand new single ‘Jessica‘ is a captivating release that details searching for inner pace. A haunting sad adventure that covers a story about domestic trauma, this hard-hitting experience is a must-listen.

Released just over a week ago, this delicate offering is best described as a budding flower trying to get some sort of light for reassurance. Seeking to highlight the fact that domestic trauma often affects the mental states of victims as well as physically, this powerfully executed topic is longing for safety and water.

Musically, the track is based around a breath-like vocal that will leave you amazed by every note-perfect element. Distinctively indie and alternative-rock, ‘Jessica‘ is melodically wonderful.

A memorable single not only for its music but for its important message, the tender number demonstrates how important it is to speak up.

Hauntingly vivid and a vital necessity to Forgotten Garden’s discography, there’s no way you could leave this track on a shelf. Walking side by side with modulated string instruments and keyboard melodies, ‘Jessica’ is a poetic journey that reminisces artists such as Sinead O’Connor and Marika Hackman.