Four Marks – Paradise (Act 1)

I’m going to suggest something right at the start of this review that may sound odd given what I’m about to say about this release from London electronic-duo ‘Four Marks’, and that is there is no one, stand out moment on this track for me. That fact, is exactly the reason why I love it so much. ‘Paradise (Act 1)’ is an expertly crafted and thought-out insight into Four Marks’ creative universe, where powerful narratives, refined production and delivery, and a definitive emotional progression are key to their success.

Isolating the song’s vocal hook on each occasion is a real stroke of genius when all’s said and done. It has such control over the flow and direction of the track, signposting the journey you’re being taken on, and yet also playing a crucial role in its substance too.

But this track is far more than just a cleverly written hook, it truly is an accelerating, uplifting and well-crafted progression from start to finish. Live, roomy percussion and that oh-so-simple keys & bass riff create a warm cushion for Four Marks to build on.

They create atmosphere and passion as they transcend spoken word, hip hop, RnB, and post-punk. In vocal delivery, I’m treated to hints of The Qemists, but maybe only if the Qemists had started out in RnB in the early 90s. It’s a wild concoction, yes, but the bite, flow and message f*cking work.

This is a really exciting release for y’all this week, and one worthy of some lockdown recognition. If you’ve got time on your hands at home, invest some of that time in discovering new music from upcoming artists. They need your help and support at the moment, more than ever before, and Four Marks are an exemplary example of why you should. They’ve got talent, so don’t let that go to waste through no fault of their own. ‘Paradise (Act 1)’ was one hell of a ride, and I can’t wait for ‘Act 2’.