Fowler – Our Tree

With ‘Our Tree’, Fowler has put together a very nuanced single, polished and professional, that crescendos for the full 5-minutes. As sounds are layered on top of one another you could perhaps expect the finished article to be cluttered, but here it simply isn’t the case.

This review is perhaps one of the most ‘out-of-my-comfort-zone’ pieces in a long while for RGM, but Fowler has got me hooked with his new single ‘Our Tree’. Is it going to blow you away with its technicality? No. Is it going to make you feel warm, comfortable and uplifted once the 5 minutes is up? Hell to the Yes.

Born from a solitary piano line, ‘Our Tree’ grows and grows throughout as Fowler begins to experiment with additional synths, electronic and live percussion and multiple layering of vocals to take bare-bones at day dot, right the way through to a complete entity by its close. 

Perhaps the most important and emphatic moments in the track, however, come in Fowler’s use of silence. Moments of total tranquillity almost make these soaring choruses towards the end of the track more powerful, more atmospheric, and more engaging. If I had to have one bug bear, perhaps as the song progressed the lead vocal line could be unleashed more, made more raw and imperfect? But all in all, this one’s a good ‘un. 

Upcoming Shows: Fowler | Leeds @ Royal Park Cellars, Dec 5.