FOXHAUNT – Out of Control

FOXHAUNT are ‘Out of Control’. Seriously, their latest adventure is an adrenaline-packed number that won’t be told what to do. Thinking outside the box with its energetic nature, this is alternative rock polished and ready to make an impact on your life.

Not following the usual rule-book, this soaring alternative rock wonder is adventurous and something you’d hear in a cinematic soundtrack to one of your favorite video games. Based in York, their previous singles have seen success from outlets across the web, and ‘Out of Control’ is continuing to shine. 

Out of Control” stems from a place of fear. Unleashing those moments of ups and downs that overwhelm us, the track states that when things get to much, it can lead into self-destruction. About mental health and how things can lead down a dark park of loneliness, ‘Out of Control’ comes at a time when England is due to hit another lockdown.

A time where this track feels as relatable as it’s going to get, it’s upsetting and hard-hitting. Musically, the polished production glides from start to finish with guidance from the vocals. The lead vocals are elevating and gritting. The rhythm section feels slightly dated and not as refreshing as hoped, but saying that, the powerful essence that they portray gives the track what it truly needed… energy.