London-based alt-rockers FRAMATICS release their latest driving single ‘Bang Bang’.

Fronted by the saintly vocals of Madeline Todd, the ‘90s style energy of ‘Bang Bang’ feels reminiscent of the works of Echo and the Bunnymen and Mazzy Star. Applying a modern approach with cleaner production and glossy synths, ‘Bang Bang’ doesn’t shy away from actively ticking desirable boxes from both past and present.

The track describes the bitter ending of a relationship, as put by the band, “It describes an ultimatum delivered at the end of a relationship – if you can’t love me, then leave me.”. Despite the gloomier theme of the track, the song’s groove has a definite air of empowerment as the recognition of a failing relationship is explored by the vocalist.

The textual elements of the music feel a little more unique than what I’m used to hearing; the use of the vocalists higher range (resonantly similar La Roux’s tone) alongside chunky bass rhythms and drums played through gated reverb blend together seriously well. Although each of the instrumentations main elements feel like a bit of a statement piece, the busyness works together in a complementary fashion instead of clashing with one another.

Though the melodic composition doesn’t feel inherently unusual, the stamina of the music makes up for this. The energy radiated by ‘Bang Bang’ doesn’t feel like it dips throughout the song and you seriously want to move about throughout its duration.

Bang Bang will no doubt be a distinctive single in the band’s discography to be revisited time and time again. By incorporating their own flair into a track easily adaptable to indie, pop, alt-rock, FRAMATICS is set to become a household name in the up and coming scene as they dominate the world of rock.

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