Frank Turner – Don’t Worry

Poetry of the everyday, without the all the nausea-provoking frilly bits.

If you come across the term ‘singer-songwriter’ in today’s music scene, you’re bound to often brush it off as another wood-wielding wannabe singing falsified tales of teenage love, childhood trauma, and how he’s ‘just your average bloke’ because his mum used to buy own-brand ketchup. With the people’s-poet that is Frank Turner, however, these stereotypes could not be more misplaced.

Don’t Worry,’ released on the 24th January, is the latest 4-track EP to join Turner’s already battle-ready musical arsenal. Lyrically, it’s everything we’ve come to expect from Turner, strong wit, poetic flow, and fantastic colloquial-collisions that break the wall between pop music and the everyday world.

‘Bar Staff’ is a perfect example of Turner’s ability to turn everyday interactions and events into something of wonder and poetic brilliance. The way listeners can relate to lyrics such as describing 2AM encounters with a less than impressed bartender gives the song easily-understandable simplicity, while remaining intelligent and extremely well written.

The title track lives up to its position in the track list. It flirts with the 2010’s stylisation that we see in the works of many similar solo-artists, yet still retains its originality through the unmistakable sound of Turner’s voice and rhythmic-flow. The soft and sweet backing vocals and inclusion of string instruments are a really nice touch, although at times it does feel a bit too easy-listening, and one longs for a bit more of a kick. 

The addition of the ‘Choir! Choir! Choir!’ rendition of ‘Little Changes’ was certainly fun, which it is of course bound to be with the immense participation at hand. Although the original song was catchy, and provoked unavoidable foot-tapping, it was never one of my favourites, which may well have tainted my opinions of this version a little. It’s certainly not a track to brush past, mind.

The EP overall is anything but a let-down. The poetic feel of the lyrics, fantastic musicianship, and its ability to sound fresh and ‘in with the scene’ mean that this is almost certainly going to remain one of the killer releases of 2019. In case you were wondering if Turner’s still got it; listen for yourself.