Frannie B – In My Way

Connecting with fans from a safe haven, Frannie B’s music dives into the realm of modern pop with a subtle hair flick to add. Coming from a place where she can truly express her thoughts and feelings, ‘In My Way’ is the latest single from the innovative pop artist.

Written, recorded and produced entirely during lockdown earlier the year, Frannie B’s uplifting song comes at a time when the world is needing a nudge of reassurance. Embracing empowerment in the darkest of times, ‘In My Way’ flows freely with Frannie B’s soulful voice being the main contender.

Setting her eyes firmly on the prize of becoming a household name, ‘In My Way’ brushes off any negative thought and embraces self-love with both hands. Instrumentally, the arrangement is fairly simple, and is surrounded around an infectious pop beat that feels slightly synth based.

Paying tribute to the big pop stars of today’s age, the just over 2 and a half minute track is a playful number deserving of your engagement. 

Providing the most upbeat track you’ll hear this week, ‘In My Way’ will leave you with a smile on your face and in a motivating mood. Spreading joy and hope on your day, this songwriter sprinkles her magical aura into her music, making it even more delightful.