Free Country – Throw My Voice

Throw My Voice‘ is the second single from Jason Ribadeneyra aka Free Country’s upcoming album ‘The Life of Riley’. To be released via Jason’s label ‘Eyes Closed Label’, the track explores a genuine, heartfelt arrangement and is complimented in an indie-folk meets lo-fi structure.

With previous releases exploring nostalgic songwriting and creating empathy for fans to put themselves in Jason’s shoes, ‘Throw My Voice’ sticks with that emotive and makes it a trademark for Jason’s songwriting. Coated in clarity, the new single compliments his songwriting getting personal with his music.

Free Country ventures into themes of memory and perception in ‘Throw My Voice’ while still allowing room to breathe. Primarily within the folk category and warming production is effortless and intricate.

A track that narrates remembrance and reminiscence, this track can be interpreted to tell your own story, and that’s what makes it a hit. The way that Jason’s tells his story is spot on, and you can feel every word he says.

‘Throw My Voice‘ holds something for everyone.

It’s a free country, so you might as well dive into this songwriter’s world of hope, you won’t be disappointed.