Freedom Of The City – Scream

If there’s one thing 2020 has done for music, it’s that the anger that we feel inside is being expressed in many different ways. Manchester’s Freedom Of The City have captured that well in their track ‘Scream‘ and their ferocious grooves tell an all too familiar story.

From the moment the track begins you’re greeted with funky low note guitars that groove throughout the verses and pack a huge punch in the track. They’re gritty and energetic and even the more melodic and bending notes in the chorus feel intense.

Not only is the instrumentation in this track fueling you with the need to burst out with energy, but the varied vocal delivery adds to the power that Scream possesses. There’s the vibrant Mancunian vocals smashing through the verse and chorus, the yelling out of the title and then the audio affected moments in the intro and bridge. The latter add a taste of some cybernetic breakdown, and each delivery feels like the band have a lot to get off their chest.

The accompanying music video with its flashing images and neo-dystopia imagery add to the chaotic mood that Freedom Of The City have. If they continue to write riffs of this style and energy, I’m sure they’ll be drawing in a lot of listeners. Even more so when they’re offering a mixture of indie, hard and experimental rock.