Fuzz Skyler – Recall

London-based Piano-Rock outfit Fuzz Skylar are new to my radar on reviewing their new single ‘Recall’, and d’ya know what…? This is a real grower for me. On my initial listen, there was something about it that didn’t quite click with me right away. Perhaps it was the over-theatricality to the vocals, or maybe it was the approach to the production, I don’t know. Then listen 2, 3 & 4 came around and I found myself grooving more and more to that soaring chorus, and really becoming invested in what they have to offer.

When it boils down to it, this release feels like a really well-crafted groovy anthem that you’d find very easy to be belting out at the top of your lungs after a while. The way the lead-in vocals preclude that opening riff, and the very clear narrative nature of the verse vocals, lure you in to the story Fuzz Skyler are setting up. The theatricality that I was perhaps put off by on first listen now feels necessary to the track’s success. I really do “feel my spirit soar” as I’m lead into the first chorus by spaced-out falsetto’s securing the 5-piece into place.

The subsequent revival of vocal and lead-riff symmetry at the end of the second verse is a welcome nod to the track’s intro, and I’m now becoming more invested in the nuances of Fuzz Skyler’s new single. It’s a track that is begging for a small London venue packed full of people singing all the words back to them, so touch-wood FS can give the people what they want (or NEED) before too long.

As a complete release, I’m actually really impressed with this one. There’s a touch of nostalgia that works two-fold I feel, and with a genre that could perhaps be labeled as outdated I feel Fuzz Skyler do a pretty excellent job of bringing it into 2021 with a fresh and dynamic approach that doesn’t feel old and overdone, but instead a reminder of the good times we used to know and will hopefully know again very soon. A smooth and grooving, well-crafted and packed full of moments that’ll leave you hook, line and sinkered.