Gabrielle Ornate – Do You Feel?

Instantly becoming a classic from its explosive production, Gabrielle Ornate’s new single ‘Do You Feel?‘ refuses to be left alone. A track that requires your full attention from its first breath, the bohemian infused number is somewhere between alternative rock, indie rock, pop and even psychedelia. Ethereal and sounding like Kate Bush went on tour with Imogen Heap, this unapologetic number feels like it could connect a community of music lovers with one simple emotion – happiness.

If this track was a colour, it would be a rainbow. Armed with positive energy and expressive melodies throughout, Gabrielle’s narrative even covers mythical commentary, leaving listeners slightly puzzled but wanting to find out the full story. What makes this track stand out further is its stunning concept. Bathed in not only complex instrumentation but also complex lyricism too, ‘Do You Feel?’ is cinematic and free-spirited, aka… everything you’d want from this passionate songwriter.

Gabrielle Ornate is obviously inspired by neo-soul musicians such as Hiatus Kaiyote as well. An artist that refuses to put all her eggs in one musical basket, Gabrielle’s adventurous nature is best described as genuine. “Do You Feel?” is up there with the best releases of May, and there’s been some incredible music released this month.