Garden Party – Better (Than You)

Manchester four-piece indie bands certainly aren’t few and far between, but you can definitely consider Garden Party as one of the stand-outs from the crowd. If you don’t believe be then you can find out for yourself. Their brand new single ‘Better (Than You) ’ is out for all your ears.

Roaring straight into this track comes your classic melodic indie guitar hook, backed up by a beating rhythm to chug along throughout. When the vocals come in the track feels whole, and the band show how strong they are at getting that complete sound you need in order to go far.

Dominating, emotional vocals are paired with a sparkle of guitar in the verse, but when the chorus hits it’s quite clear that someone turned the distortion up. Screeching lead guitar cuts across the tune. I think this chorus is Garden Party really deciding to show themselves at their full strength.

What impresses me most is that the band are still relatively new to the scene, with their debut single ‘Tomorrow’ being released in July only last year. Having such a robust and tenacious sound already, albeit not entirely distinguishable from a Catfish and the Bottlemen song, is really impressive from the indie quartet.

Would I be up for going to see Garden Party live? I think the answer can only be yes. The energy that oozes from the music tells me that a live performance from the group will only bring the same energy and excitement.

Moving into a lockdown-less world, whenever that may be, will only bring more joy from new music and gigs to enjoy. Garden Party have an opportunity to throw themselves at that opportunity and show everyone just how good they really are.