Garsa – Ghosts

Garsa’s latest single ‘Ghosts’ is a stark warning to humanity, hidden behind acoustic guitar riffs and synths.

The Oldham based singer-songwriter described the inspiration for the track came to him after seeing an animal trapped in private land, unable to escape: “the inspiration for Ghosts came as a result of seeing a deer trapped on some private land surrounded by fences. It had managed to get in and couldn’t find its way back out.” Feeling this to be a metaphor for the wider political and environmental climate, he produced ‘Ghosts,’ a mellow and reflective track urging listeners to think deeper into the impact they’re having on the planet.

From verses of indie-folktronica to the early on gritty synth and bridge’s more wavey synth and vocal moments, ‘Ghosts’ incorporates several different musical styles. The wide sonic experimentation is one of the track’s strongest aspects, although the chorus does lean a little too heavily on 80s electronic pop.

Garsa also touches on the impact current actions will have on the lives of future generations, driving his point home by having his 9-year-old son sing the last chorus, “the next generations will pay for these wars/ for murder, corruption and pain/ hatred and hunger are all day to day scenes.”

A stark and brooding track, ‘Ghosts’ serves as a reminder to us to look after each other and our surroundings a little more.