Garsa – The Unfairity

At this current moment in time where nothing is really certain, it’s always nice to have something to look forward too and with Garsa’s upcoming ep ‘The Unfairity’ being released this April, you will have just that. A 7-piece concoction of time-defying syncopations and, with every song providing us with something new, it’s hard to turn down a listen.

From 80’s style synths to millennial acoustic flares, this Mancunian based artist – formally known as Martin Garside – has managed to create these powerhouse tracks all by himself. And what makes this more impressive, is that he did it from the comfort of his own home.

As stated previously, each track within ‘The Unfairity’ has its own unique sound. The opening track ‘White Rabbits’ has hints of nostalgic essence running through its rhythm. Alongside a synth-struck melody and grunge-esque guitar strikes, it certainly has that 80’s-tinged groove in which we all can enjoy.  

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more chirped up song, ‘The Devils Own’, ‘Jimmy Sour Highs’ and ‘Ghosts’ all carry the characteristics to be a foot-tapping ballad. Each track opens with a catchy acoustic pluck, which introduces the friendly rhythm that lies ahead. Perfect for listening to on a hot summer’s day, these three songs will go down a treat to anyone listening.

One track that caught my eye was ‘Pelargonium’. With an absence of words, it is a nice break in the album. A juggernaut instrumental lasting a simple 1:57, the electronica influences that propel through the notes make it nearly impossible not to get lost within the maze that is this song. Calming yet enticing, it’s a great addition to an already thriving release.

However, if there’s something all these songs have in common, it is the angelic vocals and earnest lyricism in which Garsa has provided. “Drifting through existence, you’ll only steal my time” he effortlessly sings in ‘These Bones’, displaying that of his lyrical and musical talents.

There is something for everyone within this release and I genuinely cannot fault a single thing. So set your alarms for the 2nd of April, because ‘Unfairity’ is coming. And believe me, you won’t want to miss it.

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