Gavin Doyle – Colourblind

Dublin based Gavin Doyle is a vibrant artist that should be on everyones playlist. Back with charismatic new single “Colourblind” , the track is an insight into Gavin’s experience with Synaesthesia, which is an anomalous blending of the senses – hearing colours to be exact.

Taking you back slightly, Gavin has a very successful 2020. Making the most out of a bad situation for the globe, Gavin releases 3 official independent releases that gained support across the globe. Stepping up his songwriting, vocal and production game, we think “Colourblind” is his best yet. Engaging and not letting you skip any moment, Gavin’s latest single steals your attention with its poetic story.

Gavin states that he wrote the song about 6 years ago about his own experience and struggles with Synaesthesia. For anyone that doesn’t quite understand the sensory condition, its where someone can literally hear colours, and it affects people differently.

In Gavin’s case, he shares how it has come with its fair share of difficulties. Stating that some people just don’t believe it or care, they wouldn’t be saying that to Billie Eilish would they… and she’s the biggest popstar in the world who also has Synaesthesia.

Moving back onto the track, musically, it’s golden. Building with personality and a completely enchanting vocal, Gavin’s latest anthem is important and personal.