Gecko Club – Antelope

In Gecko Club’s first release of 2021, we see the band take a less than comforting psychedelic experience and turn it into a breezy piece of stoner-rock.

Making the most of a bad trip, ‘Antelope’s title doesn’t beat around the bush. Gecko Club member Jono explains, “Yeah, well the tune is about something quite dark, so we wanted to develop it into one of our heavier songs, we’re pretty chuffed with the outcome. To be honest, Jack had a pretty heavy experience that we wanted to translate into a song. We probably shouldn’t go into too much detail, but it involved a psychedelic substance. It all went wrong for him and at one point all he could see was antelopes staring at him”.

Paying homage to its trippy theme, whirring instrumentation shifts between a condensed guitar melody and the full band within the songs introduction. The juxtaposing textures contribute a floaty brashness, almost mimicking motion sickness.

The lyrics outline the event, beginning to explain, “falling off the floor this time, don’t know if I feel alive”. The account continues with the help of velvety harmonies creating a safe but pleasant enough verse. I’m not sure if this was the intention of the band by attempting to create a ‘hazier’ feel, but the vocals feel a little drowned in the mix in comparison to the rest of its instrumentation.

Contributing a little variation, the choruses see an enhanced air of enthusiasm from the band. Though the instrumentation grows more intense, the mix again feels like it’s restricting the full potential of the music and leaves the section slightly underwhelming. The middle eight too attempts to create a bit more diversity and is indeed enjoyable but does travel in the exact way you’d expect it too.  

The atmosphere of the track certainly captures a hazy, slightly trippy style in accordance with the main theme, but its overall arrangement falls victim to expectedness. Audibly, the track is without a doubt a great chilled piece but I feel we’ll see the true energy of the track come to life in a live setting as opposed to the recorded product.