Lulled in with the beautiful and tranquil harmonies that are befitting the beginning of a Disney princess movie. The debut single from the Scottish electronic duo that is GEFAHRGEIST is far from the fairytale song you would expect.

With lyrics that span across war, religion, nature and death, its breathtaking vocals make the song feel peaceful and happy whilst giving you the urge to sway along in the breeze it fabricates in your mind. Compiled with the surreal dreamlike animated music video by the brilliant mind of Tyler Mortimer and you have found something extraordinary and unique. Bursting with a beat and delectable piano keys that give it the light dramatic climax that transpires into truly sensational harmonies at the finish.

GEFAHRGEIST which roughly translates to ‘Danger spirit’ in German is the name inspired by a book called ‘Beyond redemption’ from writer Michael Fletcher, a dark and twisted fantasy tale, which was read by Niall Rae (producer, bassist, guitarist, pianist, and songwriter). Alongside Fiona Liddell (vocals, songwriter, pianist, violinist and guitarist.) GEFAHRGEIST are aiming to release their debit album by summer 2021 with their second single ‘NUKULAR’ due for release by the end of this year.

Graceless’ is in fact very graceful in the way that the single is produced and performed, and has added another great up and coming band to my watch list. I will be eagerly anticipating what is next to come from this synth pop duo as should you!