George Antony – Losing You

Though cutting his teeth as the drummer of Sheffield’s Rubber Sound Experiment, “Losing You” is George Antony’s first foray as a solo artist, and is something of a departure from his days in the aforementioned post-rock project.

Indeed, harboring more in common with Miike Snow than Mogwai, his debut single is nearly four minutes of understated alt-pop built around syncopated drums, London Grammar-esque synths and Antony’s idiosyncratic vocal delivery.

Interestingly enough, on first impressions, the vocal didn’t seem to sit right, with Antony’s timbre feeling a little at odds with the track’s inherent smoothness. Several listens in, however, and it’s impossible to imagine the track with any other vocalist.

Written and produced across the UK’s lockdown, and exploring ideas of not wanting to lose those closest to you and on working to maintain those relationships, it’s a salient if not sombre subject matter. It’s also one that fits ‘Losing You’s overall aesthetic perfectly, something which is turn bolstered by the woozy sense of longing in the vocal delivery.

Coming at a time when social interaction has been at an all-time low, reduced to little more than Zoom calls and snatched meetings in parks, ‘Losing You’ couldn’t have come at a better time. This last year has seen relationships tested, often failing. Whether platonic or otherwise, we all have those relationships we can’t risk losing, and as a result, the message behind George Antony’s icy alt-pop is one we can all sympathise with.