George Wilks – Falling

Nowadays there’s a great many students leaving university and suddenly hitting being hit with the reality of life itself out of the fever dream of partying and being with your friends 24/7. 

George Wilks explores the theme of that jarring transition in Falling, without ever getting into a dark and brooding melancholy mood that those themes might entail. Instead of choosing the focus on the joyousness of memories made with friends along the way. 

With a powerful pop anthem feel to it all, George manages to keep the mood light, reminiscing endlessly and making sure he can climb the wall he’s built up for himself. 

The happy-go-lucky nature of Falling is it’s true strength, utilising bopping guitar and wild drum beats to express the excellent nature of the song. Coupled with an expressive and positive vocal delivery that was surely sung with a smile across his face, George captures a youthful hopefulness that could have been lacking in someone else’s hands. It’s hard to understate how different Falling could have been, had it been made by someone without the energy of George himself. 

The piano keys that introduce the track, transitioning into a variety of percussion and humming background vocals. There are so many little pieces that come together in the background, like the funk genre’s trademark slap-bass. When combined with guitars, drums, continual percussion throughout, it can really sound like the friends George sings about throughout are right there with him.