Georgia Bray – Hotel Room

After her appearance on BBC’s ‘The Voice’, Georgia Bray has been busy perfecting her craft and working away at her solo career. Nearly two years after her appearance on the show, Bray releases her debut single ‘Hotel Room’ today.

Traveling on the lines of lounge jazz, Bray utilises popular electronic beats and memorable hooks to add a pop-like twist to the genre. Establishing the tracks sound with prominent vocals, minimalistic electric piano chords, and rhythmic finger clicks, the elements of a summery pop tune blossoms throughout the air. Once the backing vocals kick in, the elements of lounge jazz can be heard more thoroughly, with Bray opting for more alternative harmonies than the typical 3rd or 5th above we hear all too often.

The vocals themselves perform with a very clear level of diction, sounding as if they are classically trained. Bray’s individual tone does indeed shine through, but the clarity of the pronunciation almost feels too neat at times, slightly restricting the free-flowing energy the song is wanting to project.

This can be felt in a few areas with vocal adlibs, where they elect a chopped, staccato style as opposed to a more relaxed legato flow. In certain places, the substitute style feels more comfortable than others, but ultimately feels a little clashy against the smoother elements of the instrumentation.

Bray has done well, however, to incorporate a popular array of trendy sounds into the jazz-influenced piece. The hard-hitting dance beats used add a feisty yet playful atmosphere to the music, making it both an accessible dance piece and a powerful track to sing back to yourself in the mirror.  

Hotel Room’ is certainly an admirable debut single from Georgia Bray. Already showcasing her talents by adapting to a multitude of genre, the future of Bray’s career is looking encouragingly exciting.