GhostStory. – SPARTAN

GhostStory. is the name. Unrelenting chaos is the game.

Non-stop attack seems to be Spencer Mason’s approach to his brand new single ‘SPARTAN’. 

In his effort to be completely independent in his music-making, under the project name of GhostStory.‘SPARTAN’ becomes his new single following his debut track ‘Prometheus’ earlier this year. Spencer himself described the song as ‘a sonic bartering with the self’, about ‘looking at myself and being sick of my own shit’.

That is all well and good, but I reckon if you’re thinking about giving it a listen then you should know what you’re getting into. I really don’t mean this in a negative way. A combination of industrial electronic noise with fierce spoken word might be overwhelming for some listeners.

It may seem intimidating in the way Spencer vocalises his lyrics, however, I think when you really listen he is just letting out his grievances. A poetic effort to get something off his chest.

What is impressive is you can tell that this tune is purely Spencer. He’s made it clear that he wants complete control over what he puts out into the world, so that is what he’s done.

This doesn’t mean to say a little input from elsewhere doesn’t do you good. However, the effort from Spencer to make it his own can be admired.

If you want to give this crashing sonic mash a try then go for it, because ‘SPARTAN’ is available NOW for all ears to get into.