Giack Bazz – Like & Share Machine

Giack Bazz returns with scarily familiar new single, ‘Like & Share Machine‘. By scarily familiar, we mean, has this guy been looking on our browsing history? Exploring how our mental health is affected when we are addicted to social media, Giack’s new single is something we can all relate to. We are all prone to it, especially after this past year. Screens have, somewhat, taken over our lives. Looking at the good things, they keep us connected and up-to-date with world news, but do the negative aspects outweigh the good?

Musically, “Like & Share Machine” is an alternative-indie rock track that comes across as extremely lo-fi. Sounding slightly still like a demo, the production isn’t polished and gives the track a real raw, garage-like feel. Mixed down on a vintage reel-to-reel tape recorder, this retro-infused number feels relaxed and comforting. Giack’s powerful vocals aren’t note-perfect, but that’s what makes them fully stand out. Grit-filled and emotive, the track needed an intimate vocal to convey its dark story, and that’s certainly a big, green tick in the box.

Whilst the instrumentation is upbeat and prominent, the subject is obviously not so. Wanting to make people reflect on the loneliness of social media, imagine if this track went viral… oh the irony.