Giant and the Georges – Sunflower Girl

West Midlands based quartet Giant and the Georges are unlike any other band you’ll encounter this days. Creating a distinctive sound that’s best described as an indie explosion mixed with surf rock – yes, that is possible – their latest release ‘Sunflower Girl‘ radiates positivity.

Clearly stating they’re ones to keep an eye out for if you live around the West Midlands, this outfit could easily take on the whole UK with the power of this new single. ‘Sunflower Girl’ glistens with a reflective sound on happier times, and what more could you need right about now?

Produced at Magic Garden Recording Studio, ‘Sunflower Girl’ is like something straight out of the 90s. It’s not everyday you hear a passionate indie rock track with a subtle mix of ukulele in it’s mix… ‘Sunflower Girl’ refuses to follow any typical guidelines.

Try getting the harmonies from ‘Sunflower Girl’ out of your head – hard, isn’t it? Then again, who would want to? Reflecting the warmness of summer and refreshing days to come once the pandemic is over, Giant and the Georges are the energetic outfit you need in your life right about now.